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Welcome to The Pacific Aesthetic Institute

Pacific Aesthetic Institute was established upon the premise that all our patients are entitled to the very best service and treatment options available for all their surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy. Regardless of whether treatment options are based upon elective requests or medical necessity, aesthetic results with a foundation in reconstructive principles forms the core foundation of our entire spectrum of products and services. We seek to offer the highest standard of care and produce the most natural and elegant results possible for our patients in a safe and effective way.


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We believe the key to a successful surgical procedure depends on surgeon’s experience and skills and good communication between the patients and doctors. At Pacific Aesthetic Institute, we go out of our way to make sure patients have all his or her questions answered and feel comfortable and confident before committing to any procedures.

While he strives hard to satisfy and exceeds patient’s needs and expectation, he is a strong believer of creating a natural yet beautiful look via cosmetic surgery.


Perry Liu, M.D. embodies the convergence of art and medicine that is the essence of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and is on the Plastic Surgery teaching faculty at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angelss, Ca. His love of teaching and working with young budding physicians, his commitment to helping cancer patients through complex reconstructive surgeries, as well as his volunteer missionary work internationally makes Dr. Liu unique among the many plastic surgeons that can be found in Beverly Hills, the plastic surgery capital of the world.

Dr. Liu’s advanced surgical skills not only reflect his background as an artist, but also integrate the artistry of aesthetic surgery, the fundamental surgical principals of reconstructive surgery, and the delicate and precise nature of microsurgery. Dr. Liu is also well traveled with a plethora of international experience that gives him an international perspective in the fields of both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and stem-cell medicine. He is well versed in many Asian cosmetic procedures that many plastic surgeons in the United States and Beverly Hills either never heard of or are uncomfortable performing due to their lack of experience. It takes international training and experience in all aspects of plastic surgery to be among the most advanced and complete plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the world.